PRC Certified Repairs

PRC is an abbreviation of Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete and was the principal material used in the construction of houses that were mainly built in the period after the Second World War, filling the gap left by the bomb damage and the need to rehome returning military personnel. In the early 1980's it was discovered that deterioration of the reinforcing steel could, in time, lead to the cracking of the concrete panels; and with obvious potential dangers PRC houses were designated defective.

However PRC properties are often in excellent locations with good sized accommodation and spacious gardens, making them very popular and, once repaired, highly desirable.

Properties of non-traditional construction including PRC House variants Airey, Unity, Cornish, Wates, Reema, Orlit and Hawksley can all undergo a fully licensed structural repair, which leads to the issuing of a PRC Certificate by a fully qualified PRC Structural Engineer. This Certificate legally proves that the PRC Property in question, has been brought up to the required construction standard recognised by banks and building societies for the purpose of mortgage lending.

Orlit PRC House
Orlit PRC House

The various types of PRC Homes we deal with all require different repairs in order to make them compliant with the required mortgage criteria. This often involves the removal of or making redundant the existing concrete pillars, blocks and internal beams. With many PRC Repairs it is possible for the occupants to remain in residence whilst the work is undertaken with others it is not. We are able to give guidance in the initial stages of contact regarding this issue, so that long term plans can be made in good time.

Certain PRC Home repairs on PRC Properties such as Wates and Reema, have previously been dealt with by treating the concrete in order to try and stem the erosion and stabilise the load bearing walls, a brick skin is then built around the concrete for aesthetic purposes. We now know that this particular method has become more and more unacceptable to mortgage lenders and as such we will only ever recommend a full PRC Homes licensed repair for these types of PRC Properties.

Once repaired to the standard required and a PRC Certificate issued the traditional brick exterior finish will transform the look of the house and will ensure mortgageability for the current and future owners of the property. As a property it then becomes a viable equity asset within current market values and a home that you will be delighted and reassured with.

Airey PRC House
Airey PRC House
Airey Repair in progress
Airey Repair in progress

Airey PRC Houses

We are receiving increasing numbers of enquiries from owners or purchasers of Airey houses that are not able to satisfy mortgage lenders criteria with the documentation they have. This is often because although the external repair works have been completed the internal load bearing columns have not been dealt with.

Cornish Type 2 Construction repaired and not repaired
Cornish Type 2 Construction repaired and not repaired.

If you currently live in a Council House or Housing Association property you may be entitled to buy your PRC home at a discounted price.

PRC Homes can offer advice on the following in all areas of the country:

  • PRC Certificate and Re-Certification
  • Right to Buy
  • Buying from the Council
  • Mortgage Broker experienced in dealing with PRC purchases
  • Building Control and introductions to PRC experienced solicitors
  • PRC Certificate of structural completion issued by an independent, qualified Structural Engineer which will satisfy lending criteria.

If you would like to know more about how PRC Homes can help you then in the first instance please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

PRC Repairs

Some Pros and Cons of purchase and repair:

  • The purchase and repair of PRC houses has become very popular, you may have noticed houses in your area which have been repaired and there are a number of reasons why purchase and repair make good sense.
  • As an existing tenant the local authority will calculate your discounted purchase price dependent upon how long you have been a qualifying tenant; discounts are subject to a maximum amount, which is usually defined by area.
  • Rents are rising and mortgage rates remain relatively low, meaning that buying your property may be more affordable than you think.
  • The rise in property prices means that a repaired PRC Property in your area is likely to be worth considerably more than unrepaired, giving increased equity.
  • It is possible that 'Right to Buy' may be withdrawn in the future and so there is no time like the present to get onto the property ladder.
  • The cost of heating a repaired house of traditional construction is likely to be less than an unrepaired house.
  • Once you have purchased and repaired your PRC Home it is possible to sell without restriction or re-mortgage to realise the equity in the property.
  • If you have no plans to move now or in the future then, if repaired, you are living in what is likely to be an appreciating asset rather than drain on your resources.
PRC Repairs

In line with the advice from the Financial Regulators, please think carefully before securing any debt against your home. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage and other debt secured on it.